How to Finish Last

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How to Finish Last

Postby nbarsuli on Wed Feb 16, 2011 9:09 pm

How to Finish Last, a comic by Nick Barsuli and Massimo Sabadin.

Nice guys finish last. It's an age-old truth that no one wants to admit. Tyler Martin (or Ty), however, is finding this out the hard way. Come join him on his journey through adulthood as he learns that being nice, kind, courteous, chivalrous, and sweet...doesn't get you too far. However, the supporting cast shines through with stories of their own to show us that no one is perfect, and everyone's opinion is a valid one, even if it's one that is strongly in combat with your own.

Check it out! =)

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Re: How to Finish Last

Postby Attendance on Tue Mar 01, 2011 9:30 pm

Hey! I was reading your comic! May I give a bit of constructive criticism?

The concept, right down to the name, has already kind of been done.

Not that that makes your comic any less worthy; it just might be good to cover some other subject matter.
Also, there is something skeevy about the 'nice guy syndrome' (extensively detailed here -> )
It's early in your comic, and you have a lot of time to make it less stereotypical, so that is good!

Also, the faces could be a bit more consistent (anatomically-- you're quite good at keeping the characters themselves consistent), but that's a minor detail.

And good luck!
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