How to cheat in orange juice contests, and more.

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How to cheat in orange juice contests, and more.

Postby deadhorses on Thu Nov 04, 2010 10:18 am

If the Three Stooges, and Slice of Life storytelling had relations, Beating the Dead Horse would be their funny looking baby.
This, currently once weekly, strip follows Jabby, an internet millionaire, Mr. Kip, A political cartooning dullionaire, and Sherman, a stand-up comedy tomato-ionaire as they get along destroying their apartment together after nightly trips to the bar. It also follows Jabby to the gas station as he tries to maintain a three year long streak. Sadly, he hits $10.01, and after three years he has to figure out what went wrong with his perfect pump. That's what she said.

You can see the first 30 strips here:

New strips every MONDAY.

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