Small Press Publisher Looking for Submissions

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Small Press Publisher Looking for Submissions

Postby zetacomics on Sun Oct 03, 2010 3:32 am

COMICS & GRAPHIC NOVELS & Illustrated Children’s Books

Zeta Comics is all about publishing all-ages, creator-owned projects in the growing market of digital and printed comics and children’s books. We have an insatiable craving for science fiction and fantasy stories that are irreverent, unconventional or just plain propellant laced genre busters for all ages.

Our preference is to work with assembled creative teams that have finished a web comic run, the illustrations for a children’s book of at least 24 pages or a completed issue in a comics series of at least 3 issues. We are primarily interested in full-color projects, but proposals for black-and-white projects could also be given the nod. Since we have a strong digital publishing channel, we’ll look at a wide variety of formats and get creative about publishing it if your story inspires us.

What’s so special about being Published by Zeta Comics?
Well, we focus on a broader distribution network, meaning we’ll convert your book into whatever format is required for ePub ereaders, Kindle or iPad, iPhone and Android mobile devices. We also offer Print on Demand to Amazon (US, CDN and UK) and and about 94 other online book retailers and over 9,000 libraries is the US. Which means once an order is placed through an online store, we print the copies to fill that order and have them shipped directly to the retailer. Being so strong in digital distribution means we can get your book in front of a market of 50 Million plus book buyers a month. Ya, that’s big. Real big.

To learn more about our submission guidelines follow the link:
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