Get Linked by Red City!

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Get Linked by Red City!

Postby SergeXIII on Wed Sep 22, 2010 1:10 pm

Note: This isn't exactly pitching, but I figured it was the most appropriate location. Please move if necessary.

The Red City site is finally set for completion and I need to compile a link list. I've got plenty, but I don't want to let comics my readers would be interested in out of the loop. Therefore, if you think that your comic is related to Red City give me a heads up. Red City has a lot of genres flowing through it as it is the result of a myriad of concepts converging. Related genres include slice of life, autobiography, super hero, science fiction, mystery, and horror. Please take a look at the 30ish comics already hosted on the site and at the Autaxia Collective Minicomics before making your decision.
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