Chicken Wings (my comic)

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Chicken Wings (my comic)

Postby ChickenFarmer on Thu Sep 09, 2010 12:34 pm

Hi there fellow comic making people!

Let me start off with a shameless plug of the most bestest comic in existence... nah, I'll plug mine instead:

It's called "Chicken Wings" and is about a bunch of chickens flying airplanes. I create it together with my brother, and since I'm a cartoonist and he's a pilot, an aviation related comic was the more or less expected outcome. It's not new, we're at it since 2004 and have been publishing one strip a week. But we've recently revamped our website (switched to Comicpress) and have now decided to take it up a notch and publish three strips a week!

Although it's kind of a niche product, we try to be funny for everyone. However, I'm so submerged in the subject matter by now that I don't really know what "normal people" understand and what not. So, anyway, please take a look at it! I would very much appreciate professional feedback from colleagues. Do you think we're too specific? Do you see room for improvement (I know I do)? And generally, what do you think is most important: the art, the script or lots of output? I'm still trying to find the right balance there.

Oh, and if anyone can give some tips on how to promote your website or if anyone want's to trade links, let me know too!

Looking forward to y'all's replies!
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