Zombie Vs. Shark (may not contain zombies or sharks)

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Zombie Vs. Shark (may not contain zombies or sharks)

Postby Zombie Kawakami on Mon Aug 23, 2010 7:37 pm

Well I've been at this for awhile now so i guess it's a good time to see if other people like my brand of nonsense.

Zombie Vs. Shark is my little autobiographical, self indulgent fiction, and irreverent humor comic.
enjoy this hand picked selection

let me know what you think
Zombie Vs. Shark, irreverent humor.
Zombie Kawakami
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Re: Zombie Vs. Shark (may not contain zombies or sharks)

Postby The Master Plan on Mon Sep 06, 2010 11:32 am

Hey, really great comic! Keep up the good work. Try not to do too much text ellipse exchanging, like in this one. It throws off the flow of the comic and it doesn't show us the corresponding expressions and movements of the characters. It'd be better to just do what you usually do-- individual panels with one line each.

I like the Choose Your Own adventure.
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The Master Plan
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