Looking for Readers: "G.E.M."

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Looking for Readers: "G.E.M."

Postby Keltzy on Wed Jan 06, 2010 11:50 pm

My comic isn't exactly new, but I'm certain it's been at least a year since I last pitched it, so here it goes.

It's called "Beautiful Deadly Assault Unit G.E.M." and is more or less a light-hearted magical girl-esque webcomic drawn in manga format. Right now there are six chapters up, and about 16 or 17 more already drawn and in need of being put online. That being said, the art quality will greatly improve in the future.

The story follows the self-proclaimed scientist, Skye Kiasha and his not so intelligent creation, Ruby as they fight monsters sent their way by the country-next-door, Denu. As the story progresses, more characters (mostly girls) are added to the literally colorful cast. G.E.M. rarely takes itself seriously, and is apt to take jabs at itself from time to time.

Mostly, I'm hoping to find readers, but criticisms are also welcome.
Please visit at http://keltzy.comicgenesis.com

Thank you very much!

Art sample is here. Sorry for the Right to left format--it's just easier for me to draw it that way. Also, the bubbles have been switched to horizontal alignment.

Please check it out!
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