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Geeen Comix: The Website of Ben Hutchings

PostPosted: Fri Dec 04, 2009 3:27 am
by benhutchings
I'd like to invite you to peruse the blog of Ben Hutchings, creator of Tales from the Pub and Lesson Master.

'Lesson Master: Master of Lessons' is a creepy little fellow who exists purely to teach people lessons, while taking pedantry to hilarious extremes.
Tales from the Pub has appeared weekly nationwide in Picture magazine for four years so far, and now is being archived online!

Tales from the Pub is a bar-story themed strip — it’s all about stories that take place in pubs, clubs, drinking circumstances or not. It's shamelessly peurile, often stomach churning, highly obscene and true.
If drunk Australians being slightly disgusting is a passion of yours, then you'll probably dig Tales from the Pub!

This blog is updated daily with comics, illustration and animations, with a new Tales episode twice a week.
There is also an online shop for collectors of quality small-press mini-comics!