TeDdY BEar aNTi-ChrISt SeaSon 7

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TeDdY BEar aNTi-ChrISt SeaSon 7

Postby TBAC on Sun Nov 29, 2009 4:20 pm

This is a comic that's great for all ages (as long as they're in between the ages of 32 and 33 . . and have been provided excellent health care, specifically mental health care). Not to be taken internally, but what a great Xmas present! Share with your friends and loved ones! Watch them disown you! Be ready to laugh and cry, and possibly compile a wee bit of throw up in the back of your throat. There is some blood, but don't worry . . . it's red. The first comic that is actually black and white on purpose (and not because I'm too lazy to color it), except for the blood. The blood is still red. And the tears are blue. It's a comedy. Really. Except for the blood. And the tears.

Did I mention women wrestling? No? Well, forget I mentioned it then (with wet shirts). I wouldn't want to spoil the surprise.

The breakdown (so you can see how things have progressed):
Season 1:
Lucy is given a sweet stuffed teddy bear who promptly calls her mother a whore and convinces her it would be best if they just went ahead and "offed" Unkey Jewwy. They taint a glass of O.J. with rat poison (A.K.A "Yummy Flakes"), but things don't turn our as planned.

Season 2:
Lucy is given a doll with a happy smile and Sunshiny curls. Teddy is not amused. Unkey Jewwy realizes Teddy is a bad influence and decides to get rid of him.

Season 3:
Lucy doesn't get along with her foster parent, "Father" Barry. He's a little too "personal". Teddy wonders if there isn't a better place for the old guy, say . . . 6 feet underground.

Season 4:
Lucy's father reappears and takes her away from her misery. Lucy is so happy, she could burst. Unfortunately, she doesn't stay happy for long. Despite a spat, Teddy and Lucy find a little ingenuity can make things right.

Season 5:
Lucy's father has abandoned her, leaving her in the twisted care of his twisted girlfriend, Brandi (with an i). Brandi has it in her head that she must cure Lucy of her evilness. Meanwhile, Lucy has begun to harbor some resentment against her father, and is expressing these hostile ideas in a terrifyingly funny new way. Maybe she's been around Teddy too long.

Season 6:
Mom's in jail and Daddy's gone. Lucy, last seen, was in a tub filling with her blood from her slit wrists. This is a HAPPY comic! Lucy is under medical care, and meets some new special friends.

Season 7 begins now, 12/01/09.


read the damn COMIC!!
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Re: TeDdY BEar aNTi-ChrISt SeaSon 7

Postby Lordthenightknight on Sun Nov 29, 2009 5:02 pm

It's like watching The Dark Knight all over again. As in, it's really good, but really disturbing. So I'll give a thumbs up, and try to go find something warm and fuzzy to watch.
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