At Random: A woofkitty Webcomic

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At Random: A woofkitty Webcomic

Postby Simiansapiens on Tue Oct 23, 2007 1:31 pm


A webcomic to accompany Variable quality images (I'm getting the hang of it now!), including some scanned in straight from a school book (this is deliberate). Mostly the comic will follow the story arc of the Sheep of Wiggy Farm, Nether Muckle, a group of anthropomorphic sheep of indeterminate gender, each of whom adheres to a stereotype: brainy, fat, army, boxer, posh, and basely covetous.

Occasionally a tongue-in-cheek Des & Dom or a Hamster Homicides comic will show up when I'm too lazy to produce a proper update. There is an extensive collection of 100 or so Hamster Homicides, ranging from the obvious to the downright bizarre... they get weirder as they go on. They are deliberately left as they were originally drawn on a four hour bus journey to Bolton.

Please Enjoy...they appeal to quite a specific sense of humour?
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