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Legend of bee dot keenspace dot com

Postby Vourney on Wed May 19, 2004 12:45 pm

Hey everyone :) I joined in march and have about 30+ comics up. Site design is kinda slow but there's calendars for easy navigation anyway. So anyway LegendOfBee is mostly about a bunch of teenagers and their lives in school and stuff that happens in their lives in general. Sometimes there's the odd gag comic sketch kind of thing in there. I'm still more or less a beginner and recently started doing stuff like lettering because the earlier comics look hard to read and stuff. Anyway have a look and add your comment or suggestion or whatever, all feedback welcome^_^

here's the link:
<A HREF="http://legendofbee.keenspace.com" target="Blank">LegendOfBee</A>
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Postby Yeahduff on Wed May 19, 2004 10:53 pm

I stopped looking at the old stuff around May 5th, but the newer stuff actually looks pretty cool. I hope you continue in that direction. But you really need to stop drawing on lined paper.

Cork. You from Ireland?

edit- Duh. Just looked at your location. Cool. You're from Ireland.
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