Press "Y" for Context - A Comic About Nerds and Other Stuff

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Press "Y" for Context - A Comic About Nerds and Other Stuff

Postby OtterTeej on Sun Jul 01, 2012 12:12 pm

Hey, all! This is my webcomic, Press "Y" for Context:


The tagline is: "A comic about nerds, social issues, politics, gaming, technology, science, math, and homicidal robots." and that's really what it is. It's a humor-based comic about the misadventures of three nerdy roommates who live in North Hollywood, California. Jake, the artistic gamer who loves Nintendo on a near unhealthy level, Matt, the techno-genius/IT specialist, and Steve, the insightful, science-loving musician. It's set like a newspaper comic in a 4-panel format and are usually one-off jokes, but I sometimes have comics with an ongoing storyline.

I'm always looking for feedback and constructive criticism. I know my art style is "meh", but I'm working on it and I've been told there's marked improvement since the first comic and also that the writing helps make up for it.

Also, there's a tooltip on every comic (I know, original right? Nobody's ever done that before. :roll: )

Here's my personal favorite strip so far:
Tooltip: A-woo-ooh!
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