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Dragon Hunt

Posted: Tue Nov 08, 2011 10:22 pm
by Tanan
I'm proud to announce the beginning of chapter two of my full-color CGI comic, Dragon Hunt!

You all know the story: when a dragon kidnaps the queen right off the castle battlements, the king declares that whoever slays the dragon will marry his beautiful princess. Except when the Princess hears about it, she objects to becoming a dragon-hunter's trophy wife and sets out to slay the dragon first! What follows is an amusing series of misadventures...and a fun fantasy comic.

And today, the first page of chapter two goes up, featuring a mysterious figure. You can tell this figure is sinister because she is backlit and accents her speech bubbles with an unreasonably large number of hearts!

And to catch the full story of Dragon Hunt, you can check out the Prologue: wherein the dragon abducts a not-so-fair maiden:

And then there's chapter one: wherein the princess makes preparations for her dragon-hunt and meets a hornless unicorn, *ahem*, yes totally not her fault: :roll:

I hope you enjoy it! :D