Star Trek (Spoilers)

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Re: Star Trek (Spoilers)

Postby Risky on Fri May 29, 2009 10:46 pm

SergeXIII wrote:So heres that comic I was reffering to earlier (the one with the spoiler):

You fill me with laughter, and horrid, horrid guilt for laughing.

It surprises me every time someone mentions how "weird" it is that they made Kirk a captain. All the adults are dead! They all flew off to deepest darkest space and got blown up. It's not like they are going to give it back to Spock after his crappy tour of captaincy.

Also, regarding the black holes: technically red matter makes 2-dimensional black holes, aka "plot holes". Any confusion you are experiencing is from not realizing they are not, in fact, black holes made from collapsing stars, but are instead black holes made from collapsing goo. They are heat activated. One must blow up a future ship that gets caught in such a black hole because ships from the future are stronger than planets; similarly you must drill into the core of the planet to drop the goo into it because it takes the heat and pressure of the planetary core to activate the process. A supernova big enough to threaten the entire Federation is also suitable to activate red goo proto super matter. Such supernovas are caused by Romulans fucking with nature and creating engines out of singularities. This is why these supernovas travel at several times the speed of light.

Anyone who thinks drilling into the core of the planet would just create a world destroying volcano has apparently never drilled into the core of a planet with a Romulan mining drill laser dongle. It has fire vents. What do you know about drills with fire vents? That's right, nothing.

One other common complaint I've seen is why the heck are the Romulans so well armed for a mining ship? That was one part I thought they did really well. It didn't vaporize Kirk Jr's shuttle with a future phaser because actually it's really crappily armed. All it has is an extremely vulnerable drill attachment, and some projectiles that are basically the equivalent of tossing sticks of dynamite. One could see the dispersed explosive as being really handy in say, breaking up an asteroid or several asteroids in order to collect the chunks. Y'know, mining. Still no clue how they subdued Spock's ship, unless they tricked him into coming on board, but that's not how it was presented.

Long story almost over, I quite enjoyed the movie and I'm happy to give them a pass on the amusing pseudo-science. Some of the things done were just roll-your-eyes lame, like the water tube ride and how they all coincidentally met up (particularly how they found Scott), but it actually just really reminded me of how lame the original series was. And I love the original series for its camp, so I can enjoy it here in that frame of mind. 3 thumbs up.
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Re: Star Trek (Spoilers)

Postby MixedMyth on Sat May 30, 2009 4:51 pm

Just saw it. Really enjoyed it! Somehow they managed to tight rope walk their way between the ignorant audience and a knowledgeable audience, and still come out on top.

I wonder if the mining ship was called red dwarf... :wink:
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Re: Star Trek (Spoilers)

Postby Risky on Sat May 30, 2009 6:43 pm

MixedMyth wrote:Just saw it. Really enjoyed it! Somehow they managed to tight rope walk their way between the ignorant audience and a knowledgeable audience, and still come out on top.

I wonder if the mining ship was called red dwarf... :wink:

Officially it's the Avenging Black Hole Spider Falcon of Penetrating Darkness dwarf.
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Re: Star Trek (Spoilers)

Postby BeefotronX on Sat May 30, 2009 11:19 pm

There is apparently a comic book that explains the backstory a little more coherently, which I haven't read except in summary.
The gist:
Nero is a miner who in fact specializes in mining decalithium, the stuff from which red matter is made.
The Vulcans possess the sooper-sekrit techmology to actually manufacture red matter, though.
The Hobus star throws a massive solar flare, announcing its early stages of going supernova.
Nero goes AWOL with Spock to mine some decalithium for themselves after they fail to get the Romulan Senate to just give them some.
They run into trouble but Cap'n Data (reincarnated in his retarded brother B-4's body) of the Enterprise-E saves them.
They join with Picard who's now Earth ambassador to Vulcan and fail to argue giving the red matter technology directly to the Romulans.
Consequently Nero is pissed.
Nero drops the decalithium off with the Federation but swears vengeance if they fail.
Nero gets back to Romulus just in time to see the Hobus supernova shockwave disobey normal physics and destroy Romulus, having somehow reached across several light years in the weeks the adventure has taken so far. So much for Mrs. Nero.
Nero picks up an evacuation shuttle loaded with Romulan bigwigs and kills them for being idiots, taking the Praetor's blade stick.
Nero uses the dead Praetor's codes to get into a military facility and gets his mining ship fitted with the latest in fancy weapons including some stuff lifted from the Borg.
Geordi LaForge has a ship and he brings it to Vulcan to be fitted with the red goop machine.
Nero is on a rampage blowing up whoever crosses his path on the way to Vulcan and gets into a fight with General Worf of the Klingons.
Spock takes Geordi's ship to head for the supernova, escorted by the Enterprise-E, and they run into Worf and Nero.
During big space battle, Spock manages to shoot the red goop into the Hobus star, Nero is following Spock, and they both get sucked into the magic black hole.
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Re: Star Trek (Spoilers)

Postby Rkolter on Sun May 31, 2009 7:22 am

I think I prefer the simple reboot to that load of crap.
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