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blanky blank blank!!!

Post by MoonMistGuardian »

I would like to start off to say this will not be a completely friendly post...
if this is removed, so be it...

I need to voice an opinion, and if others agree or disagree, that is fine with me...

this is MY opinion... no one else's... so, I guess this could be called a semi-rant...

so it has come to my attention that a group of individuals under a figure-head of a single individual somehow have the power to decide what is good and what is bad.

So.... of all the billions of persons that use the international world wide web.... to be suddenly recognized by a group that openly uses poor language to pick apart and degrade both author and comic...
obviously they now become the entire populous of the Net and should be feared and respected to the point of doubting their own worth and their talents....


These persons are only a collection of certain group....

If the people who make web comics of any genre, NO, scratch that... published ANYTHING on the Net, let the opinions of others affect them so to the extreme of pulling their work off the Net, why did they put it there in the first place?

the Net is the extreme of FREE SPEECH. If someone wants to post on a hate forum, they can... they can share their opinions with other people who also hate whatever... in decent honest and open forums, we usually call extremists of this nature, flamers.... Or Trolls... depending on your definition...

But this holds true for the other side of the coin too!

If someone writes a paper on the mating cycles of Jellyfish, they can post it on the Net!
If someone makes a comic about a mouse and cat having a friendly adventure on a deserted island after they crash land and lose their master in the plane ride... they can!

Posting anything, ANYWHERE, including newspapers, tv, radio, the Net, means you as a publisher of that material will be subjected to criticism of every kind... the good AND the bad...

Individuals who choose to pick on others are nothing more than everyday bullies...
if you let them bully you now, what will be next?
Will you let someone tell you how to dress?
Where to eat? What to eat?
Where to live and how to behave?

No... you won't....
that's because you have your own brain, your own soul, and most importantly.... everyone has their OWN unique TALENTS...

the world is not over because some ill-mannered, lowlife headfigure says something de-grading about you....

because at the end of the day... they are not the ones that put their heart and spirit into what they enjoy most... they are not the ones that look at themselves in the mirror and see their own personal good that has brought themselves and others closer because everyone is able to share their common interests...

If you have a dream... go out there and get it...
don't let a bunch of potty-mouthed bullies tell you that you can't do something...

if you stop living your dreams.... they have won...

it took me 8 yrs to stop caring about what others thought and let their judgments rule my life...
this is MY LIFE... and I won't let ANYONE rule over me... because I am more than the sum of this flesh...
I became an outcast because of this... and you know what? I found other outcasts like me because we refused to conform to others standards that made us feel weak, stupid, or below normal....
I have the ability to do great things and I won't let someone tell me I can't do it... because if anything, I want to do it more to prove them wrong...

Life is all about risks...
there is the good and the bad... I have taken on both... you can only learn from experience and make yourself better from that learned experience...

Please, everyone... don't fall for the trap that this kind of bully has set up... prove them all wrong...
prove them wrong....

*** I apologize if my statements have offended anyone, but as the top says, this a personal opinion. ***

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Post by The Mortician »

Please lock this thread.

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Post by Brockway »


So some one or some group was mean about your comic?
Sharp Hall. - Ya know... don't even go there. Very NSFW

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Post by Kirb »

*^*^*^*^* *^*^*^*^* <- New Comic
*^*^*^*^* *^*^*^*^* <- New Game
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Post by Rkolter »

Per Mort's request, and per a private message requesting it, this thread is locked. Questions on the lock, please direct in private message.
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