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Welcome to the Diana of the Hunt forum!

PostPosted: Sun Aug 18, 2002 8:09 am
by The Total Anime Nut
Well, we've finally got our new forum here, so go forth and post, or something like that. I can't wait to hear from our readers!

A Response! *gasp*

PostPosted: Sun Aug 18, 2002 4:12 pm
by Ssedrey
Oh-ho! It appears the first one to post has some wit ladies and gentlemen! I am in awe of your wordplay. Well done. Well done indeed.

PostPosted: Mon Aug 19, 2002 7:36 am
by The Total Anime Nut
Ah, that's just my wise-ass roommate. Ignore him, he's 'mostly harmless' :D

the mostly harmless ones..

PostPosted: Mon Aug 19, 2002 7:47 am
by Anime_duck
aren't those the ones you gotta watch out for?


PostPosted: Mon Aug 19, 2002 2:48 pm
by Ssedrey
oh. terribly sorry. so, I'll just set a new course for the Death Star then?

PostPosted: Tue Aug 20, 2002 5:14 am
by Hounder
About as harmless as a lounge lizard...

well i dunno

PostPosted: Wed Aug 21, 2002 9:50 pm
by Anime_duck
i've seen some pretty harmful lounge lizards... ones that do metalica.

PostPosted: Wed Aug 28, 2002 5:15 am
by Hounder
Speaking of cute fuzzy things...

/me glomps Sethra....



PostPosted: Fri Aug 30, 2002 6:50 pm
by The Total Anime Nut
CFT plushies? The thought had never occured to us! :D

I'd be lying if I said that the potential for cute fuzzy plushies had nothing to do with his entry into the comic, although plushieness aside, he's going to be a great character.

And for even beginning to compare our comic to Sluggy Freelance (the goal we will always be striving for), here's a virtual CFT plushie to tide you over until the day we're ready to make real ones.


PostPosted: Sun Sep 01, 2002 4:30 am
by Ssedrey
::glomps a Sethra. nyahahahahaha!::

Despite popular belief, I am not dead, ladies and gentlemen. I am returning with new strips very shortly now. Just have to get things straight after all the hell that's been cropping up. Oh, and if you happen to see a Florida city getting obliterated by an orbital turbolaser bombardment, don't pay it any heed. Or wait, scratch that. It might be a really cool story...

Anyways, yes, there should be CFT plushies eventually. I was hoping to even have some done by the time Anime Festival Orlando 3 rolled around, but that was a no go. Though I did meet up with a few other Keenime artists and writers which was nifty in it's own. Full details on my journey to AFO3 pending a rant.

PostPosted: Wed Sep 04, 2002 11:16 am
by Hounder
She knows she loves me... :wink:

Rest in Peace

PostPosted: Thu Sep 05, 2002 6:21 am
by Ssedrey
and we never saw Hounder again...

PostPosted: Fri Sep 06, 2002 5:22 am
by Hounder

'Nuff said...


PostPosted: Wed Jan 21, 2004 8:15 am
by K_One
"wonders what the big deal with the glomping SsethraK is"

I prefer my longer lifespan , no glomping for me...


PostPosted: Wed Jan 21, 2004 7:29 pm
by Ssedrey
ah, but there are some things in life... that are just worth dying for...

PostPosted: Wed Mar 24, 2004 2:39 pm
by K_One
Bah , I have my own back at home to glomp thank you very much. Plus I dont believe im on the pre-approved list to go around glomping Ssethrak at my liesure.

My Path is strewn with corpses, must be time for my bath... -

PostPosted: Sun Apr 11, 2004 1:21 pm
by Timber Fox
Your adoring audience demands plushies! Now! :D

PostPosted: Sun Apr 11, 2004 7:41 pm
by The Total Anime Nut
<In a Magneto voice> I will give you plushies. And I ask for only one thing in exchange... money.

Seriously, though, we definitely see plushies in the future of Diana of the Hunt merchandise. We're not really big enough for that yet, but someday... some day...

PostPosted: Mon Apr 12, 2004 5:56 am
by Hounder
Could offer Sethra plushies then to help get the starting cash

If that doesn't do it, nothing will...