Remember Anthrax in the Eighties-

Postby Burntdog on Mon Oct 15, 2001 6:44 am

Anyone remember "I'm the Man" or Anthrax's cover of PE's "Bring the Noize" -- for awhile there the Anthrax were the funkiest metal band around. I was never a huge fan of their straight metal stuff but they had a great sense of humor and I liked their "experiments" (mostly on the album, Attack of the Killer B's).<P>------------------
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Postby Toddandpenguin on Mon Oct 15, 2001 7:56 am

yes, they were cool.I liked that cd, too. I didn't like their straight on metal stuff , except the 90's cd "Sound of White Noise", which I maintain is one of the best cds ever made, if only for the guitar work alone. Afterwards, they quickly followed with a dissapointing cd of generic metal, though.<P>~dave<P>------------------
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