Welcome to 2004 KeenSpace!

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Welcome to 2004 KeenSpace!

Postby STrRedWolf on Thu Jan 01, 2004 8:47 am

Thank you for making it to 2004! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! Here's what's going on, with some more details.

Some domains were not created on time like we would of liked. This is because we were moving our servers out of SagoNet and back to HE.NET (with another server on PDXColo.net for email -- this isn't blocked, as far as I've been able to find out). Somehow, SagoNet sent the last three servers with one of them dead -- the one that handled DNS. Nate I belive has gotten it back up, but we (Kisai and I) are working on backup plans (bringing DNS on the same servers as comics are on).

To give some room to catch up, and to do some revamping, we've shut down new signups for a small (hopefully) while. We hope to make it so that only humans and sentient beings can apply for an account.

We also plan to clean up old accounts that were never used.


First, check the <a href="http://forums.keenspace.com">Forums</a>, especally the Announcements and Help Center. Some problems we know about, others can be solved eazily by others. (BTW -- ALL VOLUNTEER WRANGLERS PLEASE REPORT TO ME)

Second, if you need to contact us, and the Wranglers can't solve your problem (they'll say to contact me if it's not an HTML or operational question), use these:

AIM: STrRedWolf (this is me)
EMAIL: keenhelp@tygris.mailshell.com (this is also me)

Try not to bug Kisai, as we're making her our code chic. :)

Also, try not to bug Teri, Nate, Darren/Gav, or Chris before bugging us. They're KeenSPOT folk, and even though they're our boss, we'd like you to bug us first before you try to turbo the problem. (Usually, Teri and Chris just forwards it to us anyway, and it's the first time we heard of it)

Have fun, everyone.
Kelly "STrRedWolf" Price
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