Yet newer forum disasters

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Yet newer forum disasters

Postby Gav on Fri Oct 24, 2003 12:21 am

Hey guys,

Only one smiley will do for me right now: :oops:

Well, I was asked to upgrade the forums to the latest version of phpBB, and in the process, all the post text was lost. It turns out there was a hard drive corruption problem in the posts text file, and when I tried to back it up, it just chopped off everything after the bad block. I've tried all night to recover the posts, to no avail. They are just gone. I apologize profusely. The best I could do was revert to an old backup I had lying around from the last time there was a total forum meltdown--way way back in February. There are also 39 random posts since February that I could save, but I have no idea which ones they are. I thought we were making more regular backups than that, but Nate informs me that the backups weren't really working.

If there's a scrap of good news amongst all of this, it's that I was at least able to upgrade the forums, in the end. There were major difficulties, as usual, but I worked through them.

Sorry again, but maybe you're used to it by now? What can I say? Let's just fill the forums back up with interesting posts so that a month from now, we won't ever remember what's missing. Yay.

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