PIMPING AINT EASY...okay, so maybe it is...

PIMPING AINT EASY...okay, so maybe it is...

Postby Disk on Thu Nov 07, 2002 4:51 pm

Everybody, go visit Nova Next Exit. It's a daily strip about two Texas bands, one all-boys and one all-girls. Unfortunately, the girls have members and talent right from the start! With a sweet mix of humor and solemnity, NNE is drawn and written by the spectacular Dark Aiwa and Vertigray Huang. It's definitely a must-read adventure!
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Postby Shan-chan on Fri Nov 08, 2002 1:16 pm

While we're pimping comics, I'd like to promote 2 that I just haven't added to the links page yet...

[url=elfonlyinn.keenspace.com]Elf Only Inn[/url] - Chat room zaniness! Quite funny.
RPG World - Like RPG's? Like webcomics? Go! Read!
Taito Country - The Comic!
Now with actual strips by Tei/Disk! Because the real artist is still lazy...

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