Babs, babe...

Babs, babe...

Postby ArashiPie on Wed Oct 16, 2002 3:06 pm

I'm sorry to have to say it on a forum, but I want the whole world to know my love for you. It's been a whirlwhind couple of weeks, and you're so precious, I just have to tell everyone I can, and what better way than over the internet?

I remember when we first met, at the library... I was playing CounterStrike, and started yelling because of this one camper. The stupid bastard, he wasn't even using a sniper, just hiding-- but you calmed me down, and your eyes, my GOD, I can never get them out of my head, and I don't want to... you have such beautiful, beautiful eyes... I asked you out right there, do you remember? You look so sweet when you're stunned... luckily, you said yes.

Heh, while I'm reminiscing... your parents have to be _the_ coolest people in the worlds. I mean, what kind of parents offer you to stay over for dinner after catching you in bed with their child? And they're damn good cooks, too, but I believe I ranted enough about it when I was there. Mmm. To die for. The sex was good, too. ^_~

I've been saving up money since we started dating, because I knew you were the one. So, I ask you now, with all the love in my heart...

will you marry me?
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Postby Burtonos on Thu Oct 17, 2002 11:27 am

wow, i'm somewhere between "geek love blooms" and "just wow"

not to make fun, i mean good luck and everything, just wow
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