This new forum...

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This new forum...

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Some make entrances, some make exits. I will be doing the latter. While I enjoyed Montrose in its time, I will not enjoy the new variation of the forums. I'm sorry, but the off-topic banter was always somewhat amusing to me. As well, the roleplaying was an indivisible element of the original and latter forums for me. While I think that it's rude to kill a proper conversation with absolute moronity, I don't see a point in not allowing conversations to flow in different directions, as it strikes me the rules require.

Then again, truth be told, there are always differences of opinion and different means of enjoying oneself. Ergo, I will not say Tom is wrong in the way that he manages his forum. This is, quite simply, his option in his forum. I, however, will not remain under it. It's just not my style.

So, denizens of Montrose, 1, 2, 3, Kitsuko, Damion Dark Blade, Chicken, ART and 2's kids all bid you adieu. Go with God.

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Bye Bye!!
*waves as the group walk off into the sunset*

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Post by Christopher »

I knew that I should have made a good entrance!!! But I guess that it's too late for that.
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Post by Uleski »

seeing as how the story hasn't even started yet, i guess everything is going to be 'off-topic' by default.
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Post by Burtonos »

i for one like this new forum and i can sum up the biggest perk in two words....NO POP-UPS!! thank you thank you thank you who ever picked this for the new forum site!!
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