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I've got no embalming fluid, but I do have pickle juice...will that do?
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*wakes up yet again, but manages to not fall asleep again*

Is someone having a barbecue? I love barbecued squirrels.

*gets out lots of squirrels and begins skinning and deboning them*

I use almost every part of the squirrel. I use the teeth and bones to make new weapons, the skin and fur for fur coats that manage to make me lots of money, and the meat for eating.

*gets done with the squirrels and starts to make pointy sticks from the bones*

*gets 20 sticks made and puts the squirrel meat on the sticks*

You will love squirrel on a stick.

*puts the sticks over the fire and watches the squirrel meat cook*
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*decides to refrain mentioning her frequent outings in squirrel-guise as a nature center mascot.*

a squirrel keeps sneaking in and eating my sister's rabbit's food from his dish. can ya help me?
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Lysander Macallion
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Put some poison in the dish! ^_^

(yes, I realize how stupid that is. )

*toasts a couple squirls*

*eats them*

Mmmm, squirl.
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Mmmm....fried rodent....*roasts a few mice*

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locked do to Roleplaying
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