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Where ist CorruptDictatorNumber2 ?

PostPosted: Sun May 16, 2004 4:26 am
by Zoing
Maby she is sick?
Or in holidays?
She fall in love and has other things to do now?
She is far from earth and dont now how to come back?
Here computer is broken and there is no way to look into the forum?

PostPosted: Thu May 20, 2004 2:13 pm
by Zoing
Thanks for the colorful Nougatnews :-)
Poor Sandra, sitting in this empty Room.
But she is in a good Mood. She is a strong Person.
And you draw beautyful...
Love the Details in the Computergame !

Even friendly obsession...

PostPosted: Sat Jun 12, 2004 9:32 pm
by Heatsink
Zoing, even friendly obsession can be scary.

PostPosted: Sun Jun 13, 2004 4:20 am
by Zoing
Hi headsink :-)

nice, that i get at least ONE answer here in this forumsdesert.

Dont worry.
I am just slightly schizophrenic ;-)

And today a new comic is arrived.
Thats nice.

And "Nougat "wrote today:
I don't think last week's explanation for the lack of comic ever actually went
up... (Did I forget to upload it?) Of course it's not really relevant anymore,
so all I'll repeat of it is that I now have a job that only allows me to be at
home one day a week, and thus I'll only be able to answer email and post pages
then. (So if I'm even one day late finishing a page, it'll have to wait until
the next week to appear.)

The end. Whee!


Maby i was out of Code Red...