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PostPosted: Sat Nov 23, 2002 8:43 pm
by Somesuch
Well, it was over a month behind, and I know it, but the comic is up and I colored it in hopes that you folk would forgive me for the sin of not updating.

The problem is that college comes first, you see, and it's nearing finals time. I have been working on that particular strip for *ages* now--I just didn't have time to finish it, what with tests seemingly once every week and papers to write in between tests.

I've learned much on coloring techniques--the hard way. Consequentially, subsequent strips should mostly be colored.

Because this semester is nearly over, I will try to once again update the comic more regularly.

Sorry again for not having done so before.

By the way, the strip after the next one should be the restart point. I'm going to start writing scripts for them, so that they make more sense when I draw them. Hopefully this will help you understand the comics better in the future, without my having to explain them.


PostPosted: Sun Dec 22, 2002 12:22 pm
by ZOMBIE USER 10477
That was me, of course... SKIES but Keenspace is slow!

PostPosted: Fri Dec 27, 2002 2:25 pm
by Somesuch
Yeah, I have noticed. I'm considering a new forum... Ezboard, perhaps.

PostPosted: Fri Jan 03, 2003 2:23 pm
by Evil Firefly
Nah, Ezboards has too much advertisement, and it's slow.


I'm using that now, and I like it. Woo! Check it out and see what you think.

If you want an example, mine is at ... me=evilish

*waves* Still love your comic.