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Hello! I'm new, and I guess that this is a forum (I found this pages by accident while looking surfing around). Anyways, I want to join the contest to make friends with you guys.

.....ok here's the story...... [no title]
There's this guy, a good for nothing, that spend all day playing with a computer. And then suddenly it's about time for him to make a big decision in his life: either to continue education or land a low pay job. So he decided to go to college hoping that he can find a mature girlfriend and earn a degree. But math was too hard for him; histories drive him insane; fail English writing exam; and he can't stand any teachers. Nothing works. At the end, he's a total failure, a terrible failure - the game is over for him. Until he one day he was so dissapointed and watch a hentai anime, guess what happen? He sat down, and start drawing and drawing and drawing and drawing the anime series days after days that he forgot about college. So he decided to quit college and spend all day drawing, and drawing and drawing and drawing. Then he said to himself, this is what I want to do. Hentai For Life!
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Postby Daisuki dakara suki on Mon Apr 12, 2004 9:08 pm

i have story it the story of my life see subject story of my life
daisuki, dakara suki

i love you, thats why i like you
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