Omg, you're the best, Em!

Omg, you're the best, Em!

Postby PunkRockPromQueen on Fri Aug 23, 2002 6:39 pm

Hehehehehhe!!! *is so excited that Pion's hair is pink* I <i>love</i> it so much! :D

...I liked the fact that they were in disguise. Like I said before, it makes it seem more 'Team Rocket'-ish, which is awesome.

Er--yeah, this is Miro, I've finally got enough motivation to actually register.

Watch as the Pion fanart ROLLS ON IN...! :P

Oops. I <i>just</i> realized I had the same avatar-thingie as you, Em. Sorry. ^_^; I'll change it. :oops:
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