Postby SpiritWolf on Thu Mar 15, 2001 2:38 am

I suspected it might've been, I didn't want to say anything because I still consider my knowledge limited and I feared sounding like an idiot. That's a cache problem down to badly written CGI, that is. I'm surprised actually because I would've expected better of KS. Well, at least it's working now and that's the main but it may not matter soon if Ang manages to get on KeenElite. ;>
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Postby Mel on Thu Mar 15, 2001 4:33 am

*L* HOW on earth did you figure that out finally? :P
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Postby Arno on Sun Mar 18, 2001 4:48 am

Gah, talk about being hard to find... At least you found it, eh? *l* Reminds me of the stupid, stupid mistake I made in my program at work. But I won't bore you with that... *L*<P>Anyway, glad to hear it's solved. :)
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