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PostPosted: Wed Oct 11, 2000 12:30 am
by Neowulf
Defib, going too far?
HAH, shock pads should be the first choice when trying to liven people up (or cook a ham, either way).

PostPosted: Wed Oct 11, 2000 5:53 am
by Mel
hi Neowulf! <P>gee, i almost feel like freak for not having an animal in my name. :P

PostPosted: Wed Oct 11, 2000 10:08 am
by SpiritWolf
Not to be confused with another film involving lambs but that's beside the point.<P>Where are you all? ;> {starts poking randomly with a cattle-prod} ... and if that doesn't get you speaking, I don't know what will. Well, maybe defibrillators will but that's going a bit far for now.

PostPosted: Thu Oct 12, 2000 1:27 am
by Mel
I should just change to Kess. *L* She's a wolf, right? ;)

PostPosted: Thu Oct 12, 2000 5:30 am
by Delphine
I'm here, I'm here. Put down the cattleprods! <IMG SRC=""> <P>Mel, how about Melwolf? Or Melcat? Or Melfox? Tee hee. <IMG SRC="">

PostPosted: Thu Oct 12, 2000 7:23 am
by Mel
Ok, my excuse for not posting much is i just started a new job. and i hate it and so i'm depressed and so i'm not in the mood. :P But i'll try to get in occationally. Honest. :)

PostPosted: Thu Oct 12, 2000 8:16 am
by SpiritWolf
Quit the job and get a new job? ;> You're clearly intelligent and capable Mel so I expect you'll be able to find one easily enough. Besides, it's not the same around here without you. ;>

PostPosted: Thu Oct 12, 2000 11:03 am
by SpiritWolf
Not everyone has to have an animal in their name Mel, it's just a furry thing, you prolly know of that though. Though if you did want to, how about MelOtter? ;p

PostPosted: Fri Oct 13, 2000 1:01 am
by SpiritWolf
Sensible? Gah, that's a disease. You need curing. Hang around us long enough, you'll get cured. ;><P>I feel sorry for Mel too though. I just hope she manages to get a better job, she deserves it.

PostPosted: Fri Oct 13, 2000 2:53 am
by Mel
Gah, if i could get a betterjob i would, the apps have been out for months now, and this is the only place that woudl take me. :P See, i'm WAY too overqualified for any job in this town but i can't afford to move yet. *L* Next summer. :P So for now i have to put up with this, for a while.<P>Funny how most managers dont' want to hire a person with more experience and training than themselves. Twits. ;)<P>Thanks for teh compliments, though. :)

PostPosted: Fri Oct 13, 2000 5:26 am
by Catman
*rubs his tail and glares at Spirit Wolf.*
"you dindt have to do that. I'll post when I have somethig to say. I'm just the quiet type."<P>------------------
Keep It Waggin
The Catman

PostPosted: Fri Oct 13, 2000 7:06 am
by SpiritWolf
It's a hormonal thing Mel. The (as he perceives himself that is) alpha male usually doesn't want anyone questioning his authority. The thought of it scares him. So he doesn't hire anyone smarter or more qualified than him. That's humanity for you, animals in suits. Though none of them would admit it. ;>

PostPosted: Fri Oct 13, 2000 7:51 am
by SpiritWolf
Must ... resist ... urge ... to ... comment ... must ... resist ... urge ... to ... comment ... must ... ;>

PostPosted: Fri Oct 13, 2000 7:56 am
by SpiritWolf
{grabs a lighter and holds it to the edge of the directory / folder}<P>{twitches} I start fires ...<P>-<P>Sorry, I had to do that. Just once. ;P

PostPosted: Fri Oct 13, 2000 8:09 am
by Dubble
Alright time for some sensible posts<P>Mel>ergh poor you *cuddles* I hope it gets better :/ On the plus side it means money right? Whcih is usually good

PostPosted: Sat Oct 14, 2000 6:19 am
by Mel
Day off! Day off! BWA HA HA! *runs rampant through the message board*

PostPosted: Sat Oct 14, 2000 9:32 am
by SpiritWolf
Yay. Let's mark this day "Swell Mel" day. ;> Make sure you have this day off every month ... or every week. ;p

PostPosted: Sun Oct 15, 2000 6:20 am
by Mel
Swell Mel? *L* Better than Smelly Melly, I suppose. *L* <P>I very much enjoyed my day off. Only 6 hours of work today, yippee. At least i got to sleep in and see arno for about 5 minutes. *L*

PostPosted: Sun Oct 15, 2000 10:48 am
by Neowulf
Bleh, sometimes I hate this school... (the "physicians assistants" here want to put me on anti-depressants for a year cause I'm having problems sleeping, all cause I missed a few classes)<P>
Anyway, my name doesn't actually have furry roots, I got bored one night and turned Beowulf into Neowulf. Though it does fit in perfectly in furry enviroments, doesn't it?<P>I wish I could find a job, even wal-mart would be nice, but alass, no one seems to be hiring around where I live.

PostPosted: Mon Oct 16, 2000 1:01 am
by Neowulf
SDSM&T, a little tech school at the western edge of south dakota (the reason I found this place was I was looking through the keenspace list, and the name dakota caught my eye).<P>I'm never gonna take anti-depressants, I'll lie about my progress if I have too.
The only mind altering substances I allow in my body are caffein and sugar (in very large quantities).