Fun stuff for Fan art!

Fun stuff for Fan art!

Postby Rovana on Thu Jan 16, 2003 10:15 pm

Trade ya! I'm making paper doll sets for Legends of Rovana. Exciting! Eventually, they will be in color and all that neat stuff, but right now I'm still in the drawing stage to get their outfits ready and the look the way I want it. Soooo, if you send me fanart anytime before Feb., I'll send you a promo set through e-mail that you can print on your computer. It will bein black and white, so break out the crayons. :D The five regular characters will be included. I have all sorts of neat stuff planned too, like exclusive outfits or character sets for cons, the internet, and other stuff. So far, I've just got Nym, Jaye, Dak, Allmost and Esra, with two outfits each. Oh...and there will be two version available too: with shorts...or anatomically complete. hehehehe :oops: Must be 18 to get the naughty version.
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Postby Uneide on Thu Jan 16, 2003 11:09 pm

which means I have to get cracking on that fan art eh? *contemplated doing that for blatah, but I just dont have the patience!! *bows down to Rovana* :D

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