Star WArs 3

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Star WArs 3

Postby Irish Witch on Thu Jun 30, 2005 12:02 pm

hmmm.... ok I saw the third star wars well episode 3 I thought it was ok a few things bugged me. but Ill leave those alone. but it got me thinking. if I were to be a jedi what kinda would i be?..... so I thought and I thought I figued it out Id be somewhere in the middle. Im way to emotional to just be a jedi so I lean toward sith but I dont want power, and I could never kill children to get control so I lean back to the jedi. I must be a huge geek for thinking so much into it but you know what i dont care. brand me geek.

Ok, I'm gonna ignore Cody's question of whther you'd be Jedi or sith. You can answer it if your wish but here I want to let people comment on te movie and it's predecessors...

I also want to make a point. The episode ended with a picture of Darth and a partially constructed death star. I look at that and see nothing that blatently tells us any time has seriousely passed... I might be wrong here but I didn't notice anything other thatn the costume change. If this signified time passing then they weren't good enough imho.. That said, it took less that five years between episode 4 and episode 5 for them to have a completed deathstar and here they have a half-completed version not long after Lukes birth.... He was meant to be 21 in episode four...

Can anybody say dis-con-tin-uity!
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Postby CJBurgandy on Thu Jun 30, 2005 12:51 pm

yeah, I said that to my mom too. I asked her why it takes 21 years to half-way complete the first death star but less than 5 to make the 2nd one. She just gave me an odd look, said it was a movie and kept walking.

IMO, they should have mashed epi 1&2 together by cutting out the BS and stupid things, call that epi 1, and had made the cartoon series epi 2, seeing how it was far better than all 3 prequals put together... but I also believe that Epi 3 was much better than the first two put together. The ending was a little rushed, with that whole "We need to fill these plot holes before people pop in the next move" thing they had going on. JarJar didn't talk, that's a plus, and there were a couple of parts that made me cry, but it could have been because I really needed to go to the bathroom. (plus almost any movie can make me cry.)

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Postby Toawa on Fri Jul 01, 2005 10:42 am

1. Infrastructure: Building such a large ship obviously requires quite a large amount of supporting infrastructure; the shield base, mines, factories, etc. Infrastructure takes time to build... Something on the Death Star's scale would probably need 3-5 years for the infrastructure alone.

2. Prototyping: It's the first one. The first of any system takes more time to build than the others. After they finished it, the plans are finalized and building a second one should go much faster.

3. Half complete: The new DS was only half built. That would put the build time at 10 years, not 5.

4. Shake-down period: They don't say how long the DS was online before they blew up Alderaan; something of that size would probably need 2-3 years of testing and shake-down before being used in the fleet. (Well, as the fleet...)

Now, technically, point #1 doesn't apply, because the DS was halfway built at the end of III. It probably would have been better to show a room of engineers working around a holographic picture of the DS, to show it still in its design phase.
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Postby SpasticSage on Fri Jul 01, 2005 12:31 pm

I thought ep 3 sucked the least of the prequels. I seriously felt Obi-Wan's pain when he was watching the holographic playback and said "I can't watch this anymore" (there was a guffaw in the theater I went to).

I think they just tried to tie in way too much between the prequels and the originals.

Chewbacca was totally unnecessary.
The Death Star was unnecessary - what was gained in the film by having it partially built?
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Postby Honor on Thu Jul 21, 2005 2:25 am

I was gonna give basically the same answer...

to borrow a line frome episode 4, it was the size of a "small moon".

Keep in mind, A) that "small moon" is essentially solid ship from skin to reactor core, and B) it can take several years to build a modern aircraft carrier or nuclear submarine.
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Postby RantinAn on Thu Aug 11, 2005 5:00 pm

kinda thread necromancy here, but worth putting forwards:
who ever said that deathstar mk 2 was started only after mk 1 had been blowen the fuck up? noone. It's entirely possible that hte emperor had a whoel string of the suckers in construction. hell if i had a glactic superweapon of utter death, and at least 1 completly trusted lutienent, I'd make a second. First a prototype for my lutienent, then the actualy real deal for myself. hell, i;d even ensure my lutienent's had a couple of easily exploitable flaws built into it just to make absolutely certain that it was removable should he get too ambitious.
remember, vader's SSD was also fundimentaly flawed, with external bridge deflectors and no automatic transfer of controll to a secondary bridge after the destruction of hte primary.
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Postby Irish Witch on Thu Sep 22, 2005 8:08 am

Just checked your post Straps...

You have a very good point there. Assume then construction takes about ten to 15 years. First model released early, construction having been improved by no. 2 and a period of 8 years planning + two years shakedown... I suppose that works extrememly well...

It was still unnessessary to include the death star...

Oh, and I kinda liked the Gungans. Ok, Jar Jar was over the top but the concept was actually quite fun... But then I like (and have seen) the entire series of Dr Who with all 10 doctors (count them, including the movies) so I'm pretty flixible about that kind of thing.
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