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Postby Irish Witch on Thu Jun 30, 2005 12:09 pm

[quote="Tangent"]Personally, I think they should do two things.

First, declare that there is a difference between "Civil Unions" and "Marriages" and allow people of any gender to have Civil Unions. Second, require everyone who wants the tax breaks that were formerly allowed for with Marriage to have a Civil Union.

Or in other words, let the religious fanatics have their cake but not let them eat it legally. ;)


I'm suprised that Straps or Kita hasn't said this but this is technically what Australia does!
In Australia any couple (regarldess of gender) that has been living in a 'marraige like' relationship for 3-5 years will Automatically get certain rights similar to that of marraige. The only thing they dont really get is the decreased taxes that are attributed to married couples. I have actually heard of a couple in queensland (men) who have adopted a child and been effectively classified as a standard defacto couple - giving them all the family rights and benifits of a normal family!

Of course they're not actually classified as married, it's still refered to as a 'defacto relationship' but then if it's only rights that we're talking about???
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Postby SpasticSage on Fri Jul 01, 2005 12:18 pm

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