How Offten do you read my comics?

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Do you read Burgundy Comics or Shades of Burgundy Offten

no, I just stumbled upon it today and I'm doing this poll for kicks
I only read it because I'm a character, and you make me read it
No votes
I read it sometimes, not often though.
I read it one comic, but not the other
I read it once a week
I read it on update days
I read it everyday, just to see if you've made special updates
I'm so obbessed with your comics, I am infact stalking you.
Total votes: 44

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Re: Time wounds all heels, or in this case Delta Air Lines

Post by Squidflakes »

prettydragoon wrote:
Honor wrote:Thigh-highs with armour...? Not for me thanks. Feets is important. I only wear mundane steel-toe boots with my armour. ;-)
I think mine are actually meant for rapier fighters. I bought them at Pennsic a couple of years ago. The airline had helpfully munged my armour bag, and one of the minor effects was ripping the heels off my combat boots.
Oh, so all this chanting of "Pretty wears combat boots! Pretty wears combat boots!" was true after all? And here I thought the playground kids were just being mean.

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Post by Honor »

*sly grin*

Even after I got my Airborne and Air-Assault wings and was "allowed" to wear Corchorans, I knew and maintained there's nothing like a well broken in pair of leg (infantry) boots.
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Post by Prettydragoon »

:) Finnish Army combat boots. Nothing better. Take care of your feet, and your feet will take care of you.

Of course, they also match perfectly with the dress greys my avatar is wearing.
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I voted for the first option, but that'll change to every day when I add the comic to my rather long list of comics (I'm coming upto 30... I need a life). Some of them update everyday:).

It took me less than 8 hours (straight) to read all of yours. I skipped some of them tho. Nice read.