Postby Shadow Omega on Thu Sep 05, 2002 4:54 pm

I'm writing a Forum post from class, simply because I'm bored, and we're basically given free rein to surf the net during lecture as long as we retain info. Hmm...I'm drawing some odd looks from my rowmates regarding my Subaru/Seishirou collage wallpaper from <a href="">Technomancy</a>. ^_^ Grrr...don't want to hear one more word about BIOS tonight...
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Postby Seize on Thu Sep 12, 2002 9:30 am

Hey, just found you guys via Arcana, and this comic owns....

I love the lesbian who lives next door. She reminds me of my best friend. And I cringe readily at what is going to happen at Hurricane Party. Can't wait to see!

Only reason I'm posting in this thread is because I'm writing from class, too. ^^;
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