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PostPosted: Fri Sep 06, 2002 10:40 am
by KingofSnake
Why thanks deanna, I'm glad you like the strip, but the masses hate monkeys, i think its just that simple, i'll probably do them again sometime next summer, but until then you'll have to erect a shrine and be satisfied in your daily prayer to Mrs. logan

PostPosted: Tue Nov 19, 2002 5:16 pm
by KingofSnake
'fraid not Ry. The monkey universe is a completely different twilight zone sorta universe where you do not exist. You dont get to hurt any of the monkeys in the monkey-verse if i restart the strips again one day. that was indeed a comic idea we had tho, with ry blowing up a whole pants load of monkeys, but now we cant use it because he gave it away. good one :wink:

PostPosted: Thu Feb 12, 2004 9:40 pm
by KingofSnake
Yes, most people tend to agree with you Mia, thats why if you're scanning through the archives you'll see I've given people the option to skip MAAM. I do enjoy it though, especially the new storyline I sort of started but is getting about as much attention as the book of Ryan and Chuck's super comic. One day I'll get it going right. Its still funny to me, and thats all that I think matters. Man the one where he smells his poop still cracks me up.