[size=24]Where can i find the Kamishibai games?[/size]

Postby Chibialex on Wed Dec 25, 2002 11:33 am

you proably thinking of the kmai store house that use to host lost of free kami games/stories. saddly it has long since dissappered. (ie it no longer exists).

however many kami artist do still host there own kami on there personal sites. many of which you can find the links to over at my homepage.

you can also still down load my kami such as child of the pomegranate at my homepage. unfortunatly due to the fact that i really can't afford to host other people kamishibia stories those are the only ones you can get free off my site. but like i side many art do have personal page with their kmai on them, and otakuworld does have a small section of free stories for downloading.
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