Some people suck....

Some people suck....

Postby Dark Artist on Fri Dec 13, 2002 6:36 am

Other people just blow.

I just got a comment from an online friend about my
comic today. :-?

He said he didn't like it because it was just all about
who is kissing who and dating and a bunch of flakey
pretty guys.

Of course this surprised me a great deal. :o

When I asked him if he had even read the comic he
admitted he had read the FIRST TWO PAGES! From
the first two pages that was the oppionion he got
of Red Lexi?!

And here i was thinking I did not have enough romance
and "who is kissing who" in all this dark stuff I have
been drawing lately.

Now it is understandable to not want to spend time
reading some home made comic that a person he
met online creates but geeze he should at least know what
he is talking about when he tells a whole forum of
people why he dosen't like it. :evil:

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Postby WinterBear on Fri Dec 13, 2002 7:20 am

Pft. What ever happened to having an open mind? I admit I wasn't sure if I would like this comic until I read more than 4 or 5 pages.

Your friend is an airhead. He shouldn't form an opinion about something until he has as much information as possible (so sayeth the scientist/zoologist in me).

My advice is to take his comment with a grain of salt, and then ignore it.

BTW. the T'sago character really creeps me out. Kudos on a "good" villain.
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Postby Tybalts kinda guy! on Sat Dec 14, 2002 10:42 am

Well, any "Friend" who'd say that needs a serious kick in the balls. I mean 'how fucking dare he'. Tell him from me, and I dare say others on this board that he's a twat. Jeez, I would never insult someone I know by saying anything like that.

My first thoughts when I saw this comic were, 'damn this is fresh'. I was really made up to see a comic about elves, pretty boys and and serious story line.

Don't worry DA, I love this stuff, and so do others.

Go not to the Elves for advice, for the will say both no and yes.

J.R.R. Tolkien
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"Thumper, what did your Father tell you?" ~~Disney

Postby Gavin DeWinter on Sat Dec 14, 2002 3:22 pm

Thumper breathes deeply... "If you can't say something nice...." pauses.. "Don't say anything at all."
I don't normally post a lot to forums, but I wanted to lend you moral support. Don't listen to a word that idiot said, some people should not be so damned critical without facts, nor should they be so bloody impolite to their friends. If something is not to your tastes, say nothing. Apparently even rabbits are taught better manners. *smiles* As for myself, I think your work here is remarkable. I greatly enjoy your stories, there is much care and insight to your story lines. ( I am saddened at the demise of the elf, but then I have a real soft spot for elves and half elves) I wait eagerly for your every installment.... Red Lexi is really extrodinary.
On a last note, in case i have not the time to post here again for a few weeks, may your holidays be full of peace and joy, and your upcoming year be full of only happy surprises. ~~ Jorrie.
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Postby Dark Artist on Sun Dec 15, 2002 6:05 am

*Hugs to all*

I don't think his comments bothered me much. I mean just by the comments alone I could tell he had not read the comic so no
point getting upset about something that has no base in fact.

It was just the compleat, unhonest with me fakery of the person
that annoyed me. :evil:

The people that hang out on this forum are way much cooler! :D
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Postby The Zackster on Tue Dec 17, 2002 8:20 pm

Actually, DA... I think he just went to the wrong page, and mistook it for your comic. How could anything like that be figured from your first two pages? Was it the dragon looking all mean that made him think it was all about pretty boys and who's dating whom? Or was it the castle, or the idea that this is a fantasy? Makes me wonder what kind of fantasy stories that guy's used to....

Besides, he's a goofball and an idiot, to have lied to you. Bah, ignore him for the fool he proved himself to be, and just listen to us, your rabid fans. We love you. We won't lie to you. Really. We just want to adore you forever.

So....when's Zack gonna get to kiss someone? :D *duck*

Just couldn't resist. *heh*

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