Evil baddie guy

Evil baddie guy

Postby Tybalts kinda guy! on Sat Nov 16, 2002 4:08 pm

Well, I dunno who the new baddie is but let hope he wants to teach Lexi and the rest of the boys a lesson!!! :) Hehehehe!

Down boy, down!

He's an Elf! MMMmmm I like elfs, but then after seeing Lord of the rings, who wouldn't.

Oooooh a delicious new hottie in the story.

I like him already. Looks a bit Bond Villian-ish. I volunteer to be his evil pet cat!!

Jay :D
Go not to the Elves for advice, for the will say both no and yes.

J.R.R. Tolkien
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I agree!

Postby Rovana on Sat Nov 16, 2002 6:46 pm

YAY! He's a hotty! O.k. Gotta draw some new fan art now.
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Postby YukariVision on Sat Dec 21, 2002 12:08 am

Yes! T'sago is ... mmmm.... *adds him to fanart list* Hmm, think I'll manage to get Zack and T'sago in the same picture? Didn't think so. THat's two separate pictures, then...

And now, I'll let old topics die. Those were the things I wanted to comment on, though. And Drake's true form looks kind of like Haku in Spirited Away.
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Postby Dark Artist on Sat Jan 11, 2003 9:37 am

OOOO....YukariVision! :o

Someone that likes Zack too!?! I am so pleased!

You will like the next couple weeks then.
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