Comic comment Sep. 16,18,20

Comic comment Sep. 16,18,20

Postby Dark Artist on Wed Sep 18, 2002 5:04 pm

Monday 16th comic.
Well it is in color. That is the biggest thing to comment on.
It has been coming to my notice that many people are not
always able to tell the diference between David and Zack.
So since Zack has wine-brown hair and David has black hair,
going color seemed the way to fix it.

That and Kellington really wanted to see how bad those
uniforms look in full color.
Pretty festive eh?

It is hard to look very intimidating when you are dressed
like a banana. David tries tho. He is a rich, spoiled noble
and "daddy" can get him out of anything...or so he thinks.

Weds. 18 Comic
I hate the faces. icky icky icky. The action pose came out great...but those faces. Very ugly. The color is nice though.
I am scared to draw the action shots. They are hard and a huge
fight is forthcoming. This is the only the start.

Fri. 20th
Angry Zack. Somehow that yellow outfit still
does allot to take the fierce our of a pose.

Zack adores kids and just gets furious whn he sees one
being misteated. Poe just made the bookworm mad. :evil:
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The good, the bad, the ugly

Postby Rovana on Sun Sep 22, 2002 8:52 am

The good: The colors are nice! Especially since now we can see just how hideous those outfits are. I like David's eyes, especially, though the Zack pic is killer too.

The bad: I hate Fridays. I hate Fridays because I know I have to wait all weekend before I get another dose! But, honestly, I think the only thing I'd say is that coloring their mouths all black works fine with the black and white stuff, but it doesn't seem to pull off quite as well when you add color.

The ugly: Boy those bad guys are ugly. Ugly in a GOOD way, of course. Makes you really appreciate the handsome selection of good guys. ^_-
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