Want to help me out with something?

Want to help me out with something?

Postby Coolbonesite on Thu Aug 15, 2002 9:01 pm

I would really like it if someone would send something in to me to put on my site for my update week. Right now I have my regular line of Guns & More that I post every other day, another comic that I'm just experimenting with, and 4 other things that I don't really want to mention right now. Here is what I'm looking for:


Yes, I don't care. Anything at all. A fan comic, maybe some art that has nothing to do with anything, something funny you found. I don't care. As long as its entertaining then I'll accept it. K? Great.

Also, no one has attempted to enter my completely easy contest. Oh well. Oh yeah.. click my banner below to visit my site.

EDIT: I'm only saying this here because other boards probably wouldn't like this and, uh... I hope its legal here. I want update week to be fun for all. Hooray.... meh...

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