Homework and swords

Homework and swords

Postby Bathhousea on Tue Jan 14, 2003 6:18 pm

In the past two days I've been assigned to make a 64 page visual art journal, with 64 seperate spontaneous page layouts, a 15 page full color media journal using different media to create 15 different images based on different categories, 3 half sized poster layouts for an 11x17 poster, a list of 25 or more topics to make universal images for, finished inked universal images for 6 of the topics from the afore mentioned list, a video project to be storyboarded and filmed by next week, and...well that's about it. And it's only Tuesday!!! AHHHH!!!!! If anyone ever tells me that art school is easy I'll kick them in the shin.

Well, that was the homework part. As for the swords part...I like swords, shiny swords.
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yup yup

Postby Palantir on Wed Jan 15, 2003 12:24 pm

True that. I got to make three designs for a shrubbery maze (thinking of doing a nights of Ne theme) Write a 3 page essay, make 2 large image boards, start designing an egyptian clock, and study a library to research creating a new "image" for it. To top it all off, yes, swords are cool.

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