Nifty new thingie - Super-fun-happy PANDA-MAIL!

Postby Jackiesfridge on Wed Dec 27, 2000 8:57 am

Heya folks! For the joy and convenience of comic fans everywhere, we've just added PANDA-MAIL to the <B>JoBeth!</B> website! What's Panda-mail, you ask? GOOD QUESTION!<P>Panda-mail is a service provided by <a href="">Big Panda</A>, and what it lets you do is email a comic you like to a friend, relative, or whatever, from any web browser - you don't even need to open your mail program!<P>How do I use Panda-mail, you ask? Easy as pie! Each archive page now has a link under the comic that says "Panda-mail this comic to a friend!" Just click that link, fill in the blanks, and the super-happy-fun Panda will take care of the rest!<P>Try it, it's FUN!<P>-Shannon<p>[This message has been edited by jackiesfridge (edited 12-27-2000).]
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