Best of Snowflake New Comics: Pool A

Best of Snowflake New Comics Pool A

Pokemon: A New Journey
Tin Man 2
Have a Nice Day
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Best of Snowflake New Comics: Pool A

Postby Hbomb on Wed Nov 06, 2002 6:28 pm

I also posted this here, but to those who don't stop by DMG Ice, I'm going to have a Best of Snowflake tournament for all the new comics to debut since BoS2 (except for Fresh Meat, which has been retired). I've divided the preliminary voting into 3 pools:

Pool A: Pokemon: A New Journey, Tin Man 2, Have a Nice Day
Pool B: Dot Matrix Gamers, TR Comics, Blue Wint.r
Pool C: Digital Morons, Fun With Colors, The Forum

Voting in pool A will be here. I will also have topics for pools B and C.

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