Best of Snowflake 3

Best of Snowflake 3

Postby Hbomb on Wed Nov 06, 2002 12:33 pm

Yes, it may be November, but I'm already thinking about it.

The only comics eligible are comics that have not been retired, (edit) and have (or will have) at least 5 comics in their archives. Here's the current list of eligible comics:

Pokemon: A New Journey
Fun With Colors
Blue Wint.r
Dot Matrix Gamers
The DMG Files
World Domination
Ambidextrous Paul and Ivan
At Freak Show
B&W's World
Digital Morons
The Forum
Have a Nice Day
A Little Bit of Strange
Mean Squirrel Theatre
Tin Man 2
TR Comics
Weak Link

(edit: Forum Densetsu Solid removed because of only 2 comics in backlog. Blue Wint.r is scheduled for an entire month, and will hopefully be on Snowflake for longer then that.)

As the defending Final 4, World Domination, Ambidextrous Paul and Ivan, Weak Link, and Hatman will be the automatic #1 seeds in each of the 4 brackets. I haven't decided when I want to start this, but it'll probably be sometime in January (I may start prelims in December).

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