What do you like in a webcomic?

Think your comic can improve? Whether it's art or writing, composition or colouring, feel free to ask here! Critique and commentary welcome.

Re: What do you like in a webcomic?

Postby johnsimcoe on Fri Aug 05, 2011 5:40 pm

Humor is a big driver for me. I am surprised that I don't find much interest in adventure comics. Instead, I prefer humor comics that are building up a story over time.
The style of art is also very important. Not the quality of art, but the style. I've never been interested in Manga, for example, so a clear Manga influence makes me glaze over.
Identifiable characters also help me a keep reading. By that, I mean I can tell that Joe isn't Bob. It's tough when someone makes all their characters look the same (unless that's somehow part of the joke).
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