Big Six-, I mean, Seven-Panel Vector Wall-hanging

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Big Six-, I mean, Seven-Panel Vector Wall-hanging

Postby Aster Azul on Sat Sep 26, 2009 12:07 pm

Fullview the deviantart link to see what's going on here.

smaller version: ... llGirl.png

bigger, white glitch-replaced by gray: ... llGirl.png

So, I'm going to cut out each black-framed segment and frame it in a different-style frame, to hang on the wall of a restaurant and tell the story you see.

I need help. First of all, I'm getting major pixelation. How can I smooth the bloody pixels? I only have Linux; I'm drawing with StarDraw. I've got GIMP. Can I use GIMP to kill the pixels somehow? I just want clear, smooth, lines.

I want to add two extra panels: a close-up of her eye, emo-style, and either A) an establishing shot of her climbing out of the window or B) standing on the ledge, considering her fate. Too much? Will that make things too complicated?

I don't like the colors in the first two shots with the girl. I want them to imply the darkness inside the tower, but the garish orange I'm getting from darkening the shade just doesn't work for me.

Is anything irritating, or just looks wrong with this pic?

I'm going to sell this and it's expensive to print, so I need good advice.

EDIT: Anyone have a favorite alternative to photobucket? Both 'bucket and dA are just making it IMPOSSIBLE for my to upload things from China, and it's driving me nuts.
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Re: Big Six-, I mean, Seven-Panel Vector Wall-hanging

Postby Phalanx on Wed Sep 30, 2009 7:59 am

If you're getting pixelation, it's because you're trying to blow up a raster image. It no worky. You will get big ugly blobs for all your pain.

If you want smooth lines, you need to use vector graphics, or someone find a way to convert it into one, THEN blow it up.
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