My new 6-panel comic: The Legalease Reloaded

Think your comic can improve? Whether it's art or writing, composition or colouring, feel free to ask here! Critique and commentary welcome.

My new 6-panel comic: The Legalease Reloaded

Postby Harishankar on Thu May 17, 2012 9:14 am

Theme: Legal themed humour - but not the usual lawyer jokes: I'm trying to put my experiences as a practising lawyer into this comic.
No. of episodes as of now: only 6, so not much content to review.
Requesting criticism on: My writing and art, but particularly from a layman's point of view whether you "get" the humour or not. A lot of my humour is based on situations drawn from my own experiences in the legal profession; many of my colleagues in the profession get it and related to the comic, so I'm interested to know whether this kind of thing works or not for lay persons.

URL: ... aded-comic

(yes, I publish it in my blog - don't have a dedicated site for it as I usually end up updating randomly and it's not worth having a separate website for at this stage in its evolution)

Please be honest and let me know your thoughts. I am particularly interested in how to improve the writing, because translating situations from real life, idealizing it and exaggerating for effect, into a comic with just 6 panels is tricky. Maybe in future I ought to write a lengthier storyline.
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