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OHAX: "So It's My Birthday...."

PostPosted: Fri Sep 09, 2005 9:38 pm
by BunELovecraft
TITLE: So it's my birthday...
SUMMARY: It's Geli's 3696th birthday and she's sure everybody's going to forget about it as always...but Goju shows up and strikes a truce with Elhaz to give her..her birthday gift.

It was pitch black outside the window of the penthouse apartement that Geli shared with Elhaz. Normally the lights of the city would be twinkling away, framed by the multicolored glass of the bay doors but tonight the city was dark. It was an Elvish tradition in Eidios. As honor to their goddess Shar who ruled the night, the land of the dead, and black magic, all lights were turned off at night during her month of Sharine. Geli's brainware still listed this month as October in the United Galactic Calendar, one that was still based on Earth months, even if Earth was now a dead thing overun by zombies...a total waste land. Or so she'd heard.

"This is the dumbest festival I've ever heard of! Turning all the lights off as soon as the sun goes down?" She'd asked Elhaz on the first day of the Festival of Night.
"Makes more sense than shooting off fireworks. We are honoring the dark and showing that we don't fear it and need to drive it away. We are allowing Shar's blanket to cover us fully for this month.'s a good way to save money. No lights, no light bill and no oil bill for oil lamps. Saves the light mages a bunch of energy...tho they don't get much work this time of year." But Geli didn't care about Shar's festival. Back on her space station all souls was this month...and her birthday.

Geli sat on the bed she shared with Elhaz, the gold and yellow covers pulled up over her legs. The light of a few candles she'd lit cast a soft glow over her nude form. She didn't need the light to see; her alien eyes saw just fine in the dark. Black and white as it took light to show color, but fine. She sniffled a little and rubbed her nose, feeling sad, lonely and generally sorry for herself. Tonight, like every night, she was by herself, waiting for Elhaz to come home. Usually she'd go on to bed...he worked late. but tonight...

"He said he'd be home at six to take me to dinner...and do what I wanted for once. He didn't even call." One nimble finger wiped a quicksilver tear off of her cheek. She hated crying; her nanomachines turned her tears as silver as liquid mercury and they tended to leave temporary silver marks on her face if she didn't wipe them off quickly. "Not like breaking promises is something new to him."

"Fzzk Greeting: It is now 12 am in Eidios standard time. Happy Birthday Gelidus Tallinu subject 71122. You are now 3686 Terran years old. Fzzk" That was her brainware, giving her a happy birthday. Furiously she blinked away the message showing on the heads up screen of her brainware and flopped back down on the down covers with a sob.

"Fuck this! They say whatever you're doing on your birthday is what you'll do all year...figures...I'm waiting for an asshole. Thus is the story of my life. I can't even go out and explore because of this stupid collar! GAH! Elhaz you fucking psycho!" Geli snarled at the ceiling, as if the stones cared as suddenly there was a rapid tapping at the bay doors. It was the 69th floor, how could anybody get up here past the buildings defenses?

She sat up suddenly and walked towars the stained glass doors, wrapping a gold brocade coverlet around her slightly for warmth. Her brainware popped up a message in her vision confirming the visitor.

"Goju? What are you doing here!" She asked a little harshly as she opened the doors to her strange friend. "I thought you said Ping didn't let you leave the compound!."
"Oh, well I told him today was a special occasion." The dragon said rakishly, his acid green eyes glowing in the dark slightly. Goju tended to stay in his human form most of the time, but even then he had an awe inspiring prescence which most people couldn't handle. Geli found it rather arousing.
"Wow you remembered! I only told you my birthday once."
"A drak never forgets. Honestly, how else do we hold grudges for generations. that jerk of an elf around?" He stepped into the room, casing the join with his keen vision and sniffing the air like a dog. "Don't smell is snarky ass."
"No...he hasn't come home yet." Geli said softly, shutting the doors behind him wtih a soft click. "He forgot about me. Again."

"What's with the bow? It"
"This?" Goju sat down on the bed, and pointed to a red ribbon bow stuck to the top of his head. " IS your birthday...and I figured 'what do I get for my favorite crazy alien femme who has everything? I know, what she doesn't me.' so here I am. I'm here to give you a birthday you'll never forget..." he cracked his knuckles and smirked "and to give Elhaz a savage beating."

Next: it gets...unwrapped.

PostPosted: Sat Sep 10, 2005 7:57 am
by BunELovecraft
Geli stared at Goju for a couple of seconds before falling back onto the bed laughing.
"Wake up and smell the pheromones baby." Goju said with a slow grin as he took off the bow from the top of his head and tossed it aside. "I'm away from Pings, I'm on vacation..." He leaned toward her, one strong hand sliding along the silken flesh of her thigh "you can drain my chi now like you've always wanted to..." His voice was low and sensual as he nipped at the side of her neck, making her shiver.
"After making me wait all this time I should say no just to spite you." She said with a wink.
"Come on now! All this time tormenting me every time you see me, getting all close, teasing the livin' daylights out of me! You're an evil wench...I like it."

Geli laughed softly before moving with unnatural speed to pin her drak lover to the golden fabric. "I wonder, will I be dissapointed when I unwrap my gift? Did you leave me the recipt incase I want to return it?" She purred as she ran her hands down his chest slowly, pulling the cream linen of his uniform taught over strong muscles.

"Now Geli, why would you want to return...." He gasped sharply; Geli was very good with her hands "this package? the fangs woman!"
"Sorry...I just get so excited when I, wait a minute." She sat up and stared at the door, her keen ears picking up the ratteling of Elhaz's keys just outside the door.
"You hear that?"
"Hear what? Whatever it is ignore it baby..."
"it's Elhaz! If he catches you in here both of our asses are grass!"
"Fine...let me answer the door." Goju grumbled, buttoning his pants up. "I think he'll work with me."

Geli dove under the covers, watching the door from under the heavy silk fabric. Hopefully he was right

PostPosted: Sun Oct 30, 2005 9:40 pm
by BunELovecraft
Elhaz was late again and he knew that Geli would be pissed. Well she was usually pretty mellow about him coming home way after he said he would but tonight was her birthday and he'd promised to be home at 7. Now...well it was muuuuuch later than that.

He juggled the bottle of brandy, roses, and his briefcase while trying to open the door with his foot.
"Geli, Geli are you in there? Open the door!"
He didn't have time for this really, every minute he was later Geli probably got madder and he sure as hell didn't need a half rabid alien female on his back.
"Come on woman jeez!"
"Welcome home. Can I get that for ya?" The heavy ironwood door swung inwardly and the elf came nose to nose with Goju and second's later, the dragon's fist. "Yer late."