City of the Mists 3: the novella

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City of the Mists 3: the novella

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Here's the good parts version of mists 3 in the novella form....yeah...whatever.

Crescendo stepped in the darkened hatchway that she had managed to jimmy open. Her wrist ached horribly from wrenching it trying to open the metal door cover and she rubbed it with her spare hand, holding the hatch open with her shoulder for Rio and Bryan.
"It seems ok..." she said softly, glancing around in the darkness as her eyes slowly adjusted to the lack of light. Most of the main cabin had been crunched in like an empty pop can in the avalanche that followed their crash a year ago, but the wall with the computer screen and terminals seemed ok. The lithe female padded her way across the room, stepping under fallen debris and wires, her flashlight held carefully in one hand. Bryan followed closely behind her, she could see the reddish glow of his nightvision goggles out of the corner of her eye.
"Yo Cress, think you can get the computer workin'?" he asked, motioning to the blank ten foot by ten foot screen with one hand. Cress jumped over the fallen flight couch, nearly catching her foot in the torn grey leather, and blew the dust off of the comlink ports just under the screen.
"I prolly can...just gimme a minute. Keep in touch with our headsets
" one graceful finger tipped with a perfect purple nail tapped her earpeice "...something's not right here. I feel like I'm forgetting something." She unwrapped the black comlink cord from her belt and plugged one end into her head behind her right ear with an audible *CHACK*, the other got plugged into the main computer. "Work for me bitch." She muttered, squatting down to work. The tarnished metal under her hands felt cool and moist to the touch and she shivered. The ship felt like a tomb or a cave where they never should have entered. For some reason she felt like something was watching her, as if they weren't the only ones on the lonely wreak of the Bioship Tempest. The screen remained blank.
", ship has no power. Could gotta turn on the generator in the engine room."Cress snapped her fingers, trying to think of where exactly that was "We'know..."

"Charge it up?" Came the sardonic reply from Rio who stood behind her all dressed in blue leather. When Cress turned around she came eye to groin with the well built elf and felt her cheeks turn as pink as Bryan's hair. She looked down at the floor and pretended to be highly interested in the etching on the tips of his silver tipped boots.

"Yes. I brought a vial of Starter from the lab. If you inject it into the main vien in the heart of the ship..." The alien girl dug through her back pack, her shoulder length black hair hid her face from view. "It should jumpstart the engines just enough to get the computer back online...if it's even still alive." There was a palpable silence from the two elves.

"'Alive'? What do you mean....'alive'" Rio's silubriant voice seemed a little higher than normal as Cress stood to her full height of 5'5". She reached out one hand and took a hold of his wrist and pressed his palm to the wall of the ship. Even after a year of laying in the bottom of the ravine, the "metal" of the inside of the ship was warm to the touch. "By Sunei....!" He whispered in awe

"The ships that the Shikkari used...and may still use, are bioships. They are living colonies of nanomachines and run on ATP fuel like other living creatures. They are mostly...machine, but they are still alive. Bioships aren't totally sentient however. I only hope that this one is only dormant. I don't remember much about this particular ship...the whole time I was on board I was in cold stasis with a gut wound so I wasn't paying much attention to it..." Crescendo slowly let her fingers slip from his and turned back around to face the screen. Now that she noticed it, the walls did have a slight glow to them still and there was a flicker of light in the main screen. "Wait a minute...let me try something while you guys go investigate." Perhaps she could use her psi powers to awaken the ship? It was worth a shot...she had to find out what went on in the crash; what was she forgetting about that made her so nervous?
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