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OHA: The Diaries

PostPosted: Sun Jun 27, 2004 9:14 pm
by BunELovecraft
<CENTER>May 14, 2259. St. Augustine's Boarding Academy for Extrodinary Young Women (IE: the finishing school for mutants who's only use is piracy and other illegal acts)</I>
Dear Diary:
It's me again, ..yeah I know, you can tell it's me from the tears bleeding the ink again. Maybe I should write here when I'm not sad or whatever, then I could actually read the stuff later...either that or use waterproof pens. Anyway...

I graduated today. Isn't that funny. Perfect middle of my class...the only thing I was really good at was computer ops and nanotechnology...oh yeah...and psych of course. Well...nobody came to see me walk down the stage and get my graduation eyepeice. Turns out that ma was shacking up with some dock loader in order to keep him from charging her toll or something stupid like that. Tomorrow I move out of my room here, at Augustines, and start working with Gelidus Tallinu...for that damned PicoTek company. We're supposed to make a delivery of snack cakes or something to a tiny moon orbiting some lameass planet out in the middle of nowhere.

But that's not why I'm writing. TOday....I got my ass dumped. Again. you'd think I'd learn. He was this really steller yakuza in the center of the station. Tall. Longish red hair. Great taste in clothes...everything was great a first. We loved eachother's company and everyhing...but eventually things started to heat up. He wanted to go "all the way" and I didn't. I'm not a prude, I mean really! But, I didn't want him to know the truth about me, that I wasn't fully human. He thought I was a spacer from that station, I didn't tell him which school I went to. I was a shikkari...and while they were respected when they were first created, my race was more feared than anything else. I guess a race of creatures that looked beautiful but that could tear a planet appart in a matter of days would be feared by most normal folk. We kept to ourselves.

He found me out though. We'd always been pretty intimate...not going all the way but close. Eventually he just started to not be interested in he was giving up on getting in my pants. I didn't want to lose him so...I decided to do it the next time i saw him. I was taking a shower at his place; I'd been working all day at my part time job and went over to change...and he walked in on me. When he saw my back was covered in red dragon scales and he saw the neural hookups behind my head, he freaked. He started screaming at me, calling me a liar for not telling him, then he pulled out his gun and shot me five times....three in the back, two in the chest. My scales bounced the bullets off like flys hitting a window, and the two shots to the front of me...well my nanotech healed that in a matter of minutes. He called the cops, said he was going to have me shipped off to the spice mines. I grabbed my clothes and ran, I ran back to my room and called my mom. She said she's handle it...that it sucked she'd missed my big day and that she'd take care of it.

When the cops found his body later that night, the autopsy said he'd died from having something long and tubelike, perhaps a beer bong or hose, jammed down his throat. That made it so he couldn't breath. Of course the fact that his right arm had been torn off and tied in a knot kind of didn't help him any. The officers found that something was missing: his dick.

Hold on, I think ma's here....que video feed.
::The pen was set down on the table, the doorbell rang. The girl got up and walked across the room, dodging the few bags and boxes that held all her worldly possessions. Standing there was a woman.::

"Are you ready to go home honey?" She said, tossing her long blue hair over one shoulder. "Look, I have a present for you." In her slender hands she held a cute silver box with a big white ribbon on it.

In the background the news chattered on "Young man found murdered, cause of death...sources say it resembles the same way many heads of state were killed by the Shikkari assassins 50 years go. The source in question was also smoking pcp. Local police think it was some college kids did it out of spite...tho Frank, I wouldn't want a hose jammed down my throat! Oh yeah...his member was cut off. Police haven't found it yet. Any clues to the wearabouts of said member, please call this number now."

The young girl took the box."Um...thanks mom."
"Oh no problem Cress honey. But about that boy that dumped're far too young for men honey. You've just graduated should wait another 100 years or so really..." Cress was ripping up the box. Suddenly...she saw what was in it and it clattered to the floor.

"That boy was a real dick, so" She hugged her daughter and picked up the box. "I brought you his."

((Based on all of Viv's threats to members of various men we hung out with in college))

PostPosted: Tue Jun 29, 2004 9:44 pm
by BunELovecraft
June 30, 4004. Noir Leather, Eidios Karu:
Cress's Diary

Dear Diary. I've had a bad day. Not only was today long, hot, and uneventful....but then I heard something that really pissed me off. There's this guy I like, total rocker boy. I wrote him a note saying that I thought he was cute once when I first moved here and he ignored me. Well today I heard him talkin' to his friends.

"Women are not people, they are devices built by god for our entertainment." I heard him say really loudly then laugh. What a jerk! Now...I probably shouldn't have punched him in the jaw and slammed him into the nearest dumpster. He was really pretty before I got my claws onto him. But who could say something that mean honestly?! When I told Bryan about it he snorted something about how he thought the guy had a point. Now my poor boyfriend is icing his balls after they made contact with my boot. He asked for it. Am I just "entertainment'? Fine...I wouldn't mind being "entertainment" if he actually "played" with me! Bryan's not interested in my sexually that much so he shouldn't talk like that, snarky bastard! If I didn't love him he'd be in the dumpster next to Greg!

::there was a long scratch of ink on the paper followed by a few brown droplets then...::

Sorry diary, Greg just got out and wanted to fight me so I had to finish it off. I'm sure he'll come to by tomorrow, hopefully no mutant rats eat him. Would really be a shame. Y'know, if this keeps up, I think I'm turning lesbian. ANd it goes both ways diary, who needs men as long as us women have eachother and big, long, thick, vibrating dildos! Fuck 'em all! I'm going to the sex shop, feh, Bryan ain't gettin' head again for months. Well diary, I'm off to find a new lover, someone who doesn't say stupid things. Sorry about the blood, but his ass had to be kicked.

::and then the page turned;::

((I wonder if some quotes are directed at me; anyway....who cares where it was directed, really pissed. ::sideways look:: never forget boys, us girls don't really need you as long as there's batteries and turkey basters. ))[/i]